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Workshop 'Blue Economy for a Sustainable Black Sea'

Join the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership in Sofia, Bulgaria on 17 October for the workshop “Blue Economy for a Sustainable Black Sea."

Practical info

International Business School, Sofia, Bulgaria

17 Oct 2024 | 9:00-17:00




About the event

This event is part of a series of regional workshops organised to connect with the sea basins and identify practices and needs relevant for the Partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Through brief presentations and discussions involving the participants, the workshop will facilitate exchange of experience, knowledge, and good practices. Participants can explore the potential for cooperation and common undertakings.

The event will bring together relevant stakeholders of the blue economy sector, including authorities, research communities, business and industry, as well as the European Commission and international organisations. While the workshop concentrates on the Black Sea, a cross-basins perspective is also maintained.

The workshop takes place in relation with the BRIDGE-BS Blue Economy High-Tech Summit for the Black Sea, a large research-based Black Sea forum on ocean digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Bridge BS aims to provide a meeting point for industry and research to generate and incubate ideas for future blue economy innovative services.

Logistic information

Check this document to find out more information about the venue location, available transportation and hotels.